Nico Vreeland

Nico Vreeland graduated from the MFA program in Creative Writing at Emerson College. Along with Sean and Eric, he’s a co-founder of Chamber Four.

Sean Clark

Sean holds a BA in English from Skidmore College and an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College. He lives and works in Boston. He is a co-founder along with Nico and Eric.

Eric Markowsky

Eric Markowsky is a recent graduate of the Emerson College MFA Program in Creative Writing. He was the recipient of an Artist’s Grant for residency at the Vermont Studio Center this past winter. Along with Sean and Nico, he is a co-founder of Chamber Four.

Marc Velasquez

Marc Velasquez clawed his way from the barrio using only one hand as the other was busy holding a picture of the Guadalupe.  He received his MFA in Creative Writing by the grace of his grandmother’s prayers. He is currently writing a book about his experience teaching in Belize’s only prison. The preceding sentence is actually true.

Aaron Block

Aaron Block teaches in the First Year Writing Program at Emerson College, where he recently earned an MFA in Creative Writing. He enjoys jazz, comics, online jigsaw puzzles, and root beer.

David Duhr

David Duhr is Fiction Editor at Fringe Magazine, and co-owner & instructor at WriteByNight in Austin, Texas. He reviews books and literary magazines for a variety of publications. C4 is his favorite.

Mike Beeman

Mike Beeman is a recent graduate of the Stonecoast MFA Program in Creative Writing. His fiction and reviews appear infrequently in both online and print publications. He lives in Washington, DC, where he is currently writing the Great American Short Story.

Al Vreeland

Al Vreeland works as a therapist in Dallas. He is a practitioner of Tibetan Dzogchen, and he conducts workshops on shamanism and psychology.

Sara LeHoullier

Sara LeHoullier has a BA in English from Carleton College and is now getting a Masters in Sustainable Development from SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont. She has no permanent address and loves beets. She blogs at, a site dedicated to news, stories and ranting about Madagascar, where she taught English in the Peace Corps for two years.

Heidi Suke

Heidi Suke is a Carleton alum now living in Seattle and working as an in-house rep for Costco. She busies herself with Bikram yoga and musing on the intricacies of her relatively banal life. She likes horror movies, red wine, and fashion.

Michael Hastings

(It’s a secret to everybody.)

Adam Bloch

(It’s a secret to everybody.)

Arthur McCulloch

Arthur McCulloch holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College.  A former subsidiary rights coordinator at The Perseus Books Group and project engineer for a specialty foundation contractor, he currently resides with his wife and three children in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich

Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich is mildly annoyed that her left arm will make it into a book (The Word Made Flesh, Harper Perennial) before the rest of her. She is nonetheless plugging away at a memoir about a Louisiana death penalty case, which she began as an MFA student at Emerson College. Portions are forthcoming in Bellingham Review and Fourth Genre. Links to other work are available at

Paul Kirsch

Paul Kirsch is working toward his MFA with an emphasis in Popular Fiction through the Stonecoast MFA program. He spends his days mapping out conspiracies and battle tactics in a steampunk-fantasy realm that will one day see print.

Chase Hautau

Chase holds BAs in sociology and philosophy, which he earned at Wake Forest University.  He is currently living and working in New York, NY.

CS Clark

Christian Samuel Clark juggles two names adroitly, maddening his friends and confusing CD clubs when he was younger. He only has one BA (History) and no MFA, but does possess an MA in the highly practical field of Irish Studies. He eats the same thing for lunch every day and is awful at karaoke.

Alexander Reicherter

(It’s a secret to everybody.)

Kathleen Dacey

(It’s a secret to everybody.)

Shannon C. Walsh

Shannon C. Walsh writes poems and begins novels that she later turns into poems. Thankfully, her blogs stay blogs.

Kat Setzer

Kat Setzer received her MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College. After realizing that this degree isn’t terribly lucrative, she took up selling memberships at an all-ladies’ gym in Brookline.

Bilal Ibne Rasheed

Bilal Ibne Rasheed holds an MA in English language and literature from the National University of Modern Languages, Pakistan, and is presently learning the French language. He is also trying to unlearn whatever was taught to him in his home and school. Bilal contributes literary articles and book reviews to Pakistani English dailies The News andDawn and blogs at With his wife and a one-year-old son, he currently lives in Islamabad. He can be reached at

T.L. Crum

T.L. Crum has a list of publications at a handful of journals in a couple of different mediums.  She lives in Fresno, California with her husband and son, and is working on a novel and a collection of short-shorts.  She likes to imagine what it would be like if she were a gnome, or a faceless person, or a talking rabbit.

Sonya Larson

Sonya Larson’s short fiction has appeared in or been honored by The Hub, The Red Mountain Review, Nimrod, Glimmer Train, and others. She has received scholarships from the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and her novel-in-progress earned her a 2009 Emerging Artist Award from the St. Botolph Club Foundation.  She is Program Manager of Grub Street in Boston.

Charles Rammelkamp

Charles edits the online journal, The Potomac. He has a chapbook of poems forthcoming from MuscleHead Press–MIXED SIGNALS is the title.

Roman Gladstone

(It’s a secret to everybody.)

BJ Hollars

(It’s a secret to everybody.)

Angie Lee

Angie Lee is an artist and writer living in Los Angeles. Raised on the top of a water tower in Los Alamos, New Mexico, Angie holds an MFA in painting from Cal Arts. She does, however, have a dog named Emerson. She blogs at

John Jarzemsky

(It’s a secret to everybody.)

Ron Spalletta

Ron Spalletta is the recipient of a 2010 professional development grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and is a founding member of the Kitchen Table Poets in Boston, Massachusetts.

Michael Mejia

((It’s a secret to everybody.)

Mike Britt

(It’s a secret to everybody.)

Paul-Newell Reaves

Paul-Newell Reaves is a poet, critic, and school teacher from Washington, D.C.  He has published in SZ magazine [formerly Schizophrenic Digest], as well as online, including extensively on his own site,

LE Miller

(It’s a secret to everybody.)

Sambath Meas

Sambath is the author of The Immortal Seeds: Life Goes on for a Khmer Family. She grew up in Chicago and has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Loyola University Chicago. She is currently attending Northwestern University to pursue her masters in creative nonfiction. She’s working on two fantasy/science fiction novels and a research work titled Modern Conquest: A Travelogue About Cambodian People and Country.

Margaret Finnegan

Margaret Finnegan has written for Salon, LA Times, FamilyFun and other publications.  Her short story “Creation” appears in The Chamber Four Fiction Anthology. To read more by Margaret check out her blog or her website.  She does indeed have a thirteen-year-old daughter—and a fifteen-year-old one.  She endeavors in survive their epic Sibling War in South Pasadena, California.  Pray for her.

Sarah Salway

Sarah Salway is the author of three novels, the latest of which is Getting the Picture (Ballantine). Her poetry and short stories have been published widely, including Poetry London, Pen International, the Financial Times, Tate Modern, and Chroma and she is currently Royal Literary Fund Fellow at the LSE –

Thomas Alexander

Thomas Alexander is a freelance writer from Boston, Massachusetts.  His work has been featured in Gently Read Literature and others.

Joan Leegant

Joan Leegant is the author of a novel, Wherever You Go (W.W.Norton), and a story collection, An Hour in Paradise (W.W. Norton) which won the Winship/PEN New England Book Award, the Wallant Award, and was a finalist for the National Jewish Book Award and a selection of the Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers program. Formerly an attorney, she divides her time between Boston and Tel Aviv, where she teaches writing at Bar-Ilan University. For more about Joan and her work, visit her site.

Robert Cooperman

Robert Coopeman’s latest collection is Troy (March Street Press).  Wind Publications recently published Cave Dweller, and Logan House brought out My Shtetl, and will publish the forthcoming The Lily of the West.  Cooperman’s work has appeared in Sewanee Review, Mississippi Review, and The North American Review.

Clarinda Harriss

Clarinda Harriss is a professor emerita of Towson University, whose English Department she chaired for a decade.   Director of BrickHouse Books, Inc., Maryland’s oldest literary press, she is a poet and fiction writer.   Her most recently published books are Air Travel, Mortmain, Dirty Blue Voice (poetry collections) and The White Rail (short story collection), all from Half Moon Editions (Atlanta, GA).  She has worked with “alternative” writers, including prison inmates and former inmates, for many years.