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What’s up personal pals. Sorry C4’s been slack the last few months. We promise to get back into the swing of things for the summer.

You can catch back up with us by listening to the two new podcast episodes now live. In the April edition of The Page Count, we discuss a bunch of books, as well as some movies and games, we talk about Amazon’s Comixology buyout and Gabriel Garcia’s death–we also make a death pool for still-living authors–and bring you a fresh edition of Bro2Bro.

When you’re done with that, we invite you to enjoy the lates Drunk Review. We got WriteByNight’s David Duhr drunk and alone (he called in) before noon on a Sunday, then made him discuss Rush Limbaugh’s Rush Revere, a kid’s books featuring a talking time travel horse that encourages children to buy crappy tea that Rush Limbaugh is trying to sell, because America.

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