Author: Scott Campbell

2012, Titan Books

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A fine companion piece to the Olly Moss (it turns out the artists are buds) book I reviewed a few weeks back, this book is similar in both size and scope. It contains page after page of doodles of famous character match-ups, mainly from movies (Ridley and a xenomorph; the cast of Big Lebowski; Tony Montana and a smiling pile of coke).

There’s not a lot of depth here obviously–unless you want to be a prat and use it to start a conversation about semiotics and binary oppositions–but the art is really great. It’s a book full of kinda goofy cartoon caricatures of iconic characters, painted in watercolor. A few of the other C4 guys and I had a fun time flipping through it and trying to identify some of the more esoteric depictions.

By complete coincidence, I saw a documentary* with Campbell in it the very day I received this review copy in the mail. He’s one of the lead artists for Double Fine, video game darling Tim Schafer’s company, and lead designer on their 2005 Psychonauts, which is one of the most creative and downright wonderful (as well as under-appreciated) games to come out in the past 10 years. (Some of the game’s art can be seen in this free iOS app.)

I enjoyed this book more than Moss’s, but offer the same endorsement. It’s a nice curio; a solid coffee table conversation starter or something that’s just right for displaying on the top of your toilet tank.

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[A review was requested and a review copy provided.]

*Double Fine is making a new game funded primarily by Kickstarter, and the development is being documented episodically. It’s quite well done, actually, with impressive production value. Definitely worth watching–but I think you need to be a backer to actually watch it (for now).