[Every so often on on our Twitter feed we’ll point to something other than books that caught our attention. In this occasional series, we highlight a few of those things, and a few others. The recommenders (AaronSean, Eric, Marc, and Mike) are denoted by initials.]



Mike And Tom Eat Snacks – Ed co-stars (remember that show?) Tom Cavanaugh and Michael Ian Black employ the PER system (pick a snack, eat a snack, rate a snack) to evaluate various snacks. Listening will make you want to eat snacks, too, and possibly start your own podcast.

Our Friend David – David Rackoff memorial episode of This American Life. [EM]

David Aja’s Hawkeye playlists on Spotify – Hawkeye artist David Aja has assembled soundtracks for each issue of the series so far and posted them to Spotify. They’re thematic – issue one’s 70s fusion collection is the clear standout – and half of the fun is re-reading the issue and trying to fit moments of the score to particular scenes. But even if you aren’t reading Hawkeye (which you should be) it’s fun, curated listening.

Celebration Rock – Album by The Japandroids. Because if rock-and-roll is still alive, it sound like this. [MV]

Alabama Shakes – Debut album, Boys & Girls [EM]

Decompressed – Kieron Gillen is both a talented writer and a witty conversationalist, which makes his comics craft podcast doubly compelling. Each podcast episode features a guest writer (and occasionally a writer/artist team) to break down a single issue of a recent comic they’ve written. Check out David Hine and Shaky Kane discussing issue for of The Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred #4 for insight into the cut-up issue we discussed on the Page Count podcast.


“All They Talked About Was Cricket”– Apparently, Samuel Becket used to drive Andre the Giant to school. Huh. [MB]

538 – Nate Silver’s election forecasting blog. [EM]

How To Get Ejected From a Baseball Game – Apparently stadium organ players aren’t allowed to play Three Blind Mice to piss off an ump–nor can anyone even hum it. [SC]

War! 17 Weird Ways We Used (and Use) Animals for Battle – Some of these, like the dolphins trained to detain enemy divers with inflatable shackles are just awesome. Though others are kinda grim. [SC]

The comments section of this Amazon listing for $2 binders – Pretty great. [MB]


Meet Baxter – Video of a robot developed by Rodney Brooks, subject of the Errol Morris documentary Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control, which I’d also recommend. [EM]

Short of the Week – Everyone should put this in their RSS feed. every once in a while, they’ll give you a post modern lemon, but most of the time you get great, short films, like “Little Quentin” or “The Maker“. [MV]

One-legged soccer goal – Pretty impressive. [EM]


Infinite Atlas – A crowd sourced project attempting to map all the locations from DFW’s Infinite Jest. [MB]

Plague, Inc. – iOS strategy game where your goal is to create a disease that wipes out humanity. Fairly dark concept, but also satisfyingly complex. If you take too long, scientists will find a cure, but evolve too quickly and your hosts will die faster than they can spread the infection. [SC]