Is it officially the dog days yet?


Ninety Days

Marc sounds like a prig

wanted Clegg at rock bottom

could have been better


Fusen Bakudan

history poems

our reviewer gets reviewed

they are balloon bombs



let’s get brain implants

discrimination follows

book is too hollow


The Osiris Ritual

more steampunk Sherlock

it’s just as good as the first

why do I not care?


Rabbit Redux

Updike is the man

everyone should read his books

just don’t be a prude


The Age of Miracles

she bites off too much

T. Walker has potential

needs better focus


The Last Policeman

Oh no! Asteroid!

“I should probably solve crime…”

That makes for a snore


The Rabbi’s Husband

very Jewish book

it’s literary chick lit?

some readers will love


How to Get Away with Murder in America

mobsters and hitmen

CIA and incest rape

this is nonfiction?