Almost summer, almost summer…



fast-paced sci-fi romp

post-apocalyptic times

this guy has been “stored”


The Infernals

fun and demons here

sequel to awesome The Gates

Connolly, new fav


Are You My Mother?

this shit is real dark

but the dark makes it all shine

graphic novel win


Lady, Go Die!

Lady Godiva?

old, dead writer or new guy?

read it all the same


The Affinity Bridge

Sherlock plus steampunk

makes for a great adventure

good thing there is more


A Partial History of Lost Causes

watch this writer please

best epigraphs ever, man

everyone is doomed


A Feast for Crows

more Game of Thrones time

a let down this go around

shouldn’t have split up


Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

substance is lacking

a super funny memoir

read it for the laughs



second sad GN

Arabic as art output

Warning: rape and stuff



alien worlds? check

hard sci-fi does its thing here

near philosophy