I don’t know about you guys, but April couldn’t end fast enough for me. Here’s some haiku-ed up versions of this month’s reviews as a recap.


The Company of the Dead

save the Titanic?

we all want to change the past

that could fuck the world



bleh dystopia

a Hunger Games for adults

prob just read Collins


Portrait of a Spy

ooh, an artist/spy

this book’s not much good at all

potential wasted


City of Bohane

excellent writing

too bad the rest lets you down

still could be worth it


The Sugar Frosted Nutsack

super zany shit

but Leyner can really write

well worth the effort


Out of My League

this is Dirk’s second

very good baseball memoir

but a bit whiny


Fires of Our Choosing

great story set here

Dzanc delivers yet again

knocked off Beeman’s socks


The Cove

too small, too quiet

no dolphins killed in this one

film will star Katniss


Autumn’s Only Blood

formal poetry

elegy to Troy Davis

sounds quite elegant