Happy New Year!


Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day

got a cool cover

many stories are quite good

too bad they’re the same


You Are Not So Smart

nonfiction Great Read

part psychology, part laughs

we are just machines


Damn Sure Right

book of flash fiction

lets you connect all the dots

look for Meg Pokrass


The Uninnocent

off the beaten path

dark humor is at work here

these stories are good


Wherever You Go

set in Israel

Jewish-American tale

lacks the needed spark


The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories

pairs pictures with words

it is what it claims to be

small book, mini tales


420 Characters

stories from Facebook

could have used a good edit

art is the best part


The Darker Side

Catholic killers

kind of a Seven rip-off

fun diversion still


The Apothecary

who saw this coming

Maile Meloy goes for YA

strength can be weakness