Start dreaming about gorging yourself with turkey before the Halloween candy digests. Hooray for fall. Here’s one last bucket of fun-sized treats.


Super Mario

my dorkness on page

the history of a toy

insert toadstool joke


The Outlaw Album

cohesive linked themes

Woodrell a voice worth reading

strong set of stories


The Art of Fielding

such a hyped up book

but it’s just mediocre

starts strong then falls off


Jacob T. Marley

God-freak fare? Maybe

still, a decent Dickens clone

might be worth your time



Stephenson’s new tome

holy dense novel, Batman

worth the time it takes


Show Up, Look Good

looks good indeedy

Holden Caufield parallels

love the cover art


Five Chiefs

Stevens’s memoir

let’s learn about Supreme Courts!

insightful stuff here


The Last Werewolf

despite all the hype

literary horror that’s good

rarer than you’d think


I Don’t Know the Author or the Title But It’s Red and It Has 3 Zombie Stories In It

good, solid stories

non-traditional zombies

uniqueness is good


The Iron Boys

robin hood, Luddites

turn of Industrial Age

dense novel Great Read


West By West

Hall of Famer and

the NBA logo guy’s

depression memoir