[Every so often on on our Twitter feed we’ll point to something other than books that caught our attention. In this occasional series, we highlight a few of those things, and a few others. The recommenders (Aaron, Sean, Eric, and Nico) are denoted by first initial.]


Billy’s Balloon – From the twisted mind of Don Hertzfeldt who brought you Rejected, the heartwarming story of a boy and his balloon. [E]

The Guard – Surprisingly hilarious movie about an Irish Cop working with (sort of) the FBI. [E]

Official Ojai Valley Taxidermy TV Commercial – Is this for real. Nope, Chuck Testa. Actually yeah, it’s real.  [S]

Homeland – The new Showtime series puts a new spin on the Manchurian Candidate story of an American soldier turned sleeper agent by questioning the sanity of not just the soldier, but the CIA analyst, played by Claire Danes, who insists he’s a walking time bomb. It’s not fun by any means, but it’s compulsive viewing nonetheless. [A]

The Walking Dead webisodes – AMC’s Walking Dead series started good then sorta fell off. But these 6 short (free) webisodes have got me excited for the second season. [S]


The Pod F.  Tompkast – Every episode of comedian Paul F. Tompkins’s podcast features the host’s improvised, meandering (in a good way) monologues, a skit from Tompkins’s live variety show at Largo in Los Angeles, a chat with fellow-comedian Jen Kirkman, and a new installment of the long-running, impression-fueled radio drama, “The Great Undiscovered Project”, all of it hilarious. Season two just started this month, but new listeners will want to stream all of season to fill the excruciating month-long gap between new episodes. [A]

Stuff to Blow Your Mind –  Semi-weekly podcast episodes cast a wide net of nerdery. Start with the Tyrannosaurus Sex installment (#49) and go from there. [S]

The Fantasy Football Guys – A podcast made by two regular dudes, who know their football and are pretty funny to boot. This is my first choice in fantasy football podcasts (second is Fantasy Freakin Football). [N]

Games – Most recent Radiolab about games of all kinds, inventing the rules and breaking them. [E]

The NPR Music iPhone app – Most everything NPR does about music, in one handy place. The killer feature is the ability to stream full albums of new, unreleased music, from a great selection curated by NPR. You can also find most of this content at their website. [N]

Yuck: Deluxe Edition, by Yuck – I missed this album when it was first released in February, but after seeing the band live I’m an ardent fan. Skipping the awful synth-splashed 80s revival that’s infected much contemporary music, the lads and lass of Yuck instead take 90s indie rock stalwarts like Yo La Tengo, Teenage Fanclub, and Dinosaur Jr. as inspiration. The songs on Yuck are too catchy to be melancholy, but too dark to be happy, which makes it exactly my kind of record. [A]


Partners – New Yorker profile from a couple of months back about Clarence Thomas, who holds the record for consecutive cases without asking a single question in argument. [E]

Flip Flop Fly Ball, by Craig Robinson – Awesome book full of infographics on all kinds of obscure and quirky baseball stats, most nontraditional. Check out the accompanying blog here. [S]

Cake vs. Pie – From the previously C4 Recommended Hyperbole and a Half, this post settles the age old question “What’s better, cake or pie?” using science, even charts and graphs. [E]


Bookshelf Porn – Blog featuring pictures of bookshelves. Usually large, unique ones, and often complimented with spiral staircases. [S]

Kim Jon Il Looking at Things – Exactly as the title describes, this blog has pictures of Kim Jong Il looking at things. [S]

Daily Dose of Imagery– One of my favorite photography blogs. [N]


Swipe Four – iPhone game sort of like Boggle crossed with TextTwist. Free in-browser version here. [S]

Gemcraft – A ridiculously addictive tower defense flash game. Free. [N]

One Chance – Clever freebie flash game. Your actions can save or end the world, and you only get one try—unless you clear your cookies cache. [S]


Microwave nachos – Seriously, they’re easy and good. Cheese, chips, and whatever else you like (I go for onions, peppers and baked beans). Takes about ten minutes, start to finish. [N]