[On occasion some of the spam we get is too good not to share. So this column is where we do just that.]

We get a fair amount of spam in our comments. Most of it is banal, trying to sell SEO services with awkward, Google-translated text. But we get occasional gems. Here are the 10 best so far, presented in no particular order and without further comment. For many (see the “dingo skin” entries) your guess is as good as any as to what they are translating and why. Read them out loud as poetry, it makes the whole thing even better.

Enjoy! (Heads up, the last one is PG-13.)


Summer 2011 Spam Slam

10. They kill roosters For those silly feather cheap hair extensions?! Genuinely?!

9.The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it’s still on the list

8.Lifes not all beer and skittles

7.I cannot consider we should be working in loincloths made of dingo skin, as good as were excited to routine. Just after we understand it may be well calculating, will probably be fine.

6.ssssssssssssssfsdfsdfsdfd ssssssfsdfsdfsdfdssssssfsdfsdfsdfd ssssssfsdfsdfsdfdssssssfsdfsdfsdfd ssssssfsdfsdfsdfd ssssssfsdfsdfsdfd ssssssfsdfsdfsdfdssssssfsdfsdfsdfd ssssssfsdfsdfsdfd ssssssfsdfsdfsdfd ssssssfsdfsdfsdfd

5.Spammers are such assholes, I ponder if anybody ever clicks on their hyperlinks?

4. Please help me. Two days ago I was working 3rd shift at work and a dude came up to my register to pay his food ticket and he went into his pants pocket and brought out a $1 bill and said, “This is all I have in my wallet. I do not have the remaining cash to pay you.” Then he did the most amazing thing. He instsantly turned the dollar bill into a visa card. OMG I went home and got on google and found the magic trick video BUT I ain’t paying twenty nine dollars to know the secret. Can you figure the illusion out?

3. What an incredible green area rug! It could be an ideal surprise for my personal pal’s forthcoming (Hallow’s eve) special birthday. We appreciate you all the fantastic tips that you share.

2. I really don’t feel we should be dressed in loincloths made of dingo skin, quite as good as we’ve been from a position to discover. The second we understand is usually genuinely worth understanding, it astounding.

1. I was feeling my encounter obtaining comfortable as I imagined how his wang had moved further inside me than any 1 actually did before. And this guy had a entire body and a wang bigger than any man I’ve experienced prior to. The evil within my body created me do issues, which can trigger an huge really like affair in that extremely moment. I tried to talk to him whilst teasing him with my attractive african ass. I could see that he experimented with to steal a glance at my lovely black booty. After I found the proper time, I by no means hesitated to offer him a flirty and lustful looks.