Just a week late, no big thang. Snuck in a secret haiku for you to make up for it all the same.


The Devil All The Time

“gloomy scum” in here

at least one character lives

Dave Duhr eats babies


The Night Train

best line of the month:

“You play this: do-do do-do…”

book: not great, not bad.


Hot, Shot, and Bothered

pretty weak sleuth fare

someone edit poor Nora

she does show promise


The Squirrel Machine

the art is quite good

Dave doesn’t eat any kids

before was a lie



who is this author?

excellent set of stories

postmodernism primer


Jamrach’s Menagerie

almost a mash-up

very Beemonic review

can that be a word?


The Magician King

Fillory part 2

a sequel wasn’t needed

still, good adventure


A Death in Summer

solid mystery

by John Banville’s alias

literary fare


The Siege of Trencher’s Farm

this book really sucks

so little makes enough sense

would make a fine flick



Aliens, Language,

Mieville likes his ideas,

sacrifices plots


Stalin in Aruba

here are great poems

it’s brimming with dark humor

dancing skeletons


No Rest for the Dead

twenty-six authors

that’s a recipe for fail

but it came out win


Machine Man

began as a blog?

best sci-fi book of the year?

hands down a Great Read


We Others

a greatest hits plus

compiles new works with old

no excuse to skip


The Cape

based on young King’s yarn

not the lame NBC show

it’s fair; says a lot