Reviews for April books in snappy haiku. Happy May Day! (Don’t die.)


I’d Know You Anywhere

Lippman’s got some charm

doesn’t really serve this book

no Edgar for you!


Give Me Your Heart

a nice mix of tales

handles suspense expertly

Oates is prolific


The Tiger’s Wife

lives up to the hype

strong twenty under forty

all-around good book


The House That Ruth Built

not just Babe’s bio

tells one year in Yankee lore

McGraw steals the show


The Lock Artist

Nico did not like

but it stole the Edgar prize

suck it, Tana French



street fighting, boo yah!

of course it much more than that

memoir touches depths


Rabbit, Run

evokes On The Road

Updike has a way with words

no brainer Great Read


The Resurrectionist

sound little novel

gritty and atmospheric

the twist’s a let down


The Pale King

posthumous something

not a novel: artifact

bye D.F. Wallace


Moving Day

here’s a new Great Read

narrative poetry, woot!

Klein’s voice stands out strong


The Queen of Patpong

action scenes kick ass

not much else to talk about

no Edgar for you!


The Bullpen Gospels

baseball book Great Read

strong memoir beneath the fun

what is a Garfoose?