Attention, citizens of New York: tonight, our friends at EBE Ensemble launch the world premiere run of “The Girl from Nashville,” a new play that sounds pretty awesome.

From their site: “The Girl from Nashville tells the tale of a high school football coach who inexplicably murders his star quarterback in the middle of playoff season. Fading between present-day interrogation room drama and moments from the coach’s past hiding out in a motel with a young female student, The Girl from Nashville explores questions of right and wrong, good and evil, and the nature of redemption.”

EBE (which stands for “eleven benevolent elephants”) is a troupe of young, poor, talented, hungry theater folk in New York. They do consistently great, award-winning work, and there’s almost no risk of being trampled by pachyderm at one of their shows.

You can get cheap preview tickets for a show this very night, or you can see them any one of the next three weekends. Go here for more info and to get tickets. And, writers: EBE does a one-act play festival every year, with open submissions. It’s a lot of fun—keep an eye on their website for dates and specs.