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This week’s JABBIC might be a bit of a low blow, but it was too juicy to pass up. Basically, JABBIC  is Balderdash with book covers. Four of our contributors  guessed at the summary of Christine Feehan’s novel with only this cover image available to them. Can you guess which below is real? The answer, and who wrote which fakery, will be posted in the comments later today.

1.) For Kalani Devers, life is a beach and the surf is always up. Ranked at #2 on the ASP World Tour, only one person surfs in Kalani’s way — Analu Smith. That is, until the 2009 Rio de Janeiro Surfing Cup, where Kalani hangs ten and leaves Analu in his wake. But when Kalani tests positive for anabolic steroids and is stripped of his title, he disappears into the Amazon rainforest, hoping to find an undetectable herbal steroid. But life in the jungles of Brazil isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Kalani finds his efforts dashed by deforestation. With the help of a stuffed jungle cat that harbors the soul of his deceased girlfriend Aleka, Kalani sets off on a new mission. Surfing may be a solitary activity, but saving the world is a team sport.

2.) When a prominent environmental activist meets her mysterious demise on a mission to the Amazon, her daughter, Stephanie, vows to uncover the real events that led to her death. Under the ruse of filming a documentary about her mother’s work, she heads down to the sweaty, tangled forests of Brazil. Assisted by Chico, a courageous local translator, she finds the town where her mother was last seen alive destroyed by fire. Bizarre things start happening when a rich, handsome stranger takes a passionate interest in her project, and Stephanie is forced to face a story much more shocking than she ever could have predicted.

3.) Leopard shifter Connor Vega carries the scent of a wild animal in its prime, and bears the soul-crushing sins of past betrayals. Isabeau Chandler’s never forgiven him-or forgotten him. The mating urge is still with her, and hotter than ever. Dangerously hot…

4.) Ryan Vincent was born under the sign of the leopard, and can turn into a black one–the rarest and wildest of all. When his adopted Costa Rican village finds itself threatened from a militia run by a powerful and beautiful rebel woman, he must do all he can to do to protect it. For the first time in his life as a shapeshifter, his animalistic form might not be his best body for the job.

5.) Lucius Montgomery fancies himself a bit of a Robin Hood, but he’s not quite quick-footed enough to avoid the law. Unfortunately, once he’s been captured it turns out he also lacks a record, fingerprints, and a human past. Who will help set him free? There’s only one beast who can help him, his childhood friend and closest confidante: Tara Normandy. Tara lives as a panther in the wild, avoiding her human side. In order to help Lucius clear his name Tara may have to learn to accept her humanity…and his love.