According to this poster at MobileRead, we might soon see DRM support for the Ectaco jetBook.

The jetBook is a very interesting ereader option because it uses a non-backlit LCD screen instead of the more common E-Ink. That means the jetBook is (purportedly) sharper and (definitely) faster than E-Ink ereaders, although I’m not convinced how well the contrast stacks up to E-Ink (see the comments starting here).

Presumably, LCD screens are cheaper to make than E-Ink screens, which would make the jetBook an even more enticing option, DRM-enabled and price-chopped to, say, $150.

After all that, there’s the question of what kind of DRM the jetBook will get. The MobileRead poster’s “source” says it will be Barnes & Noble DRM; but does that mean their current eReader offering, or their upcoming Plastic Logic ePub format? I’m guessing this means eReader, so the jetBook won’t compete with the Plastic Logic.

If I had to choose, I’d choose ePub. But the bottom line is that an LCD ereader with DRMed ebooks is good for readers. At the very least it should provide, sooner or later, some motivation to further cut prices.

Again, this is all rumor, so take it with a grain of salt until we get confirmation.