This is pretty hilarious. The Guardian is reporting that Stephenie Meyer is being sued for plagiarism by fellow vampire writer Jordan Scott.

Scott claims to have posted her novel, The Nocturne, on the Internet 3 years ago. She says Meyer’s latest Twilight novel, Breaking Dawn, shares striking similarities.

Among those similarities: “both [novels] include a scene in which the main character sees their baby for the first time,” and similar characters in both books “see the main character turn into a vampire.”

On her website, which is also pretty hilarious, Scott says she started writing The Nocturne when she was 15, in between graduating high school and beginning a Psychology degree at Harvard, while she was taking time off from her careers in movies, music, and television.

You can read Scott’s book, which actually exists, at Google Books, bizarrely under the title “Texas Aggies.” Unfortunately, it was critically panned.

Read the whole Guardian piece here.