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Classics2Go is a very similar app to Classics. It does some things better, and some not as well. Both apps are good for those who want inexpensive libraries of cleaned up classic books in a preloaded package on their iPhone or iPod. You wouldn’t want both though, as they draw from the same pool of public domain titles and offer similar packages.

Classics2Go has a bigger library (currently 47 to Classics’s 23). The cover art isn’t quite as nice as that of Classics, as all the art looks similar and slightly amateurish, though it’s still a welcome feature. Rather than a rearrangable bookshelf, Classics2Go features two rows: a sliding, navigable bottom row containing all the available titles, as well as an upper My Books row that allows you to set aside books for easier access. The touch detection is a little off for this, which can be momentarily annoying.

The readability is nice enough, featuring a larger font over a parchment colored background. These settings are not modifiable, as in Classics. In fact, the only feature within each book is a table of contents that allows quick jumping to different chapters. Also as in Classics (noticing a pattern here?), when you return to the shelf, a fancy red bookmark appears on the screen, though it doesn’t look quite as natural as that of its inspiration.

What you buy is what you get with Classics2Go, as you cannot load new books. In the two weeks I’ve had this app they have added to the library and offered big fixes through updates (at first the book spines overlapped in a weird, broken mind trick kind of way), so that is good. This is an app for the more causal public domain ebook readers who use Apple devices. If you want to manage a library unimpeded, try Stanza. If you want the freedom to choose your classics library while featuring an improved interface, consider coughing up the $10 for Eucalyptus (full review coming in two weeks).

However, if all you’re looking for is a collection of great books in a readable, pre-organized package, consider Classics2Go or Classics. Personally, I find Classics to be a bit more appealing to the eye, but I can appreciated the larger library of Classics2Go. Your best bet is probably to skim the list of titles and check out screenshots of the text displays each app provides, and decide which is best from there.