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Iceberg Reader isn’t a standalone reader app, such as Stanza or eReader, but rather a licensed architecture, such as TouchBooks, that provides the framework for single book downloads from the app store. I’m the type that likes to manage my own library, so this isn’t quite in my wheelhouse,  but for those who want to download a book, read it, and be done with it (and reclaim the homescreen space and memory it occupies) appbooks with Iceberg may be the best option for you.

Iceberg Reader presents whatever text you’ve purchased in an attractive and navigable way. I really don’t have much complaint about the reading experience on their software. The font is quite readable, and can be resized with a pinch gesture. Hit “Settings” to select from 5 background shades (oddly, this is the only setting under “Settings”, which makes me wonder why they called it that instead of, say, “Background Color”). I especially like the easy page navigation: quickly jump to the table of contents or swipe around the handy book slider at the bottom.

The app seems to take page numbering seriously, which I commend. However, it presents an interesting problem on the iPhone. No matter the size of your text, each page requires scrolling, and you still must use a swipe guesture to advance to the next page (or return to the one previous). I’m not much a fan of scrolling text on the iPhone in the first place, but the app sometimes confuses the two mandatory gestures and this will likely annoy even the proponents of scrolling at times.

Another great feature of the Iceberg Reader apps is the note-taking functionality. It works nicely, allowing you to highlight a selection of text and attach your own notations. Although, the existence of this feature sort of begs the question of the lacking library management. And who is taking notes on such an impermanent ebook as an appbook?

The whole package is pretty top notch, however, so feel free to download one of the many appbooks powered by Iceberg Reader without reservation as to the quality of the software.