IndieBound is a great little app for the iPhone. It’s not a reader program (hence the different post title than usual) but merely a tool to help you find books you might not otherwise find.  It’s free, so if you like to read–and you’ve exhausted all the C4 recommendations up your alley–it’s a good place to find new reads.

IndieBound has a nice breakdown of categories, and it’s fun to browse through the titles, since they give full cover shots of every recommended book. Tap a title and you’ll get a quick breakdown of book info, including review clips, as well as recommendations not only of where to buy the book online, but also maps to the nearest independant (read: not Borders or B&N) that sells the title.  It’s handy, even if you don’t want to take their store recommendations. I found a few books that will be my upcoming reviews.

IndieBound is a bit of a deceiving name, since the titles are not all indies.  For instance, one of the top recommendations under May 2009 Notables was Colson Whitehead’s new book. You’ll find plenty of David Baldacci titles and the such lined up alongside Toni Morrisons, so it’s a nice place for any reader to investigate new titles. The best part of IndieBound is the variety of categories. They go beyond the normal genre categories of online bookstores, and sort by things such as “Summer Reading Group Recs.”

All in all, it doesn’t have the personalized touch that the great recommendations our writers append to their reviews do, but for a free app it does a great job of offering readers plenty of options to browse through to find their next great read. Give it a download and find yourself a great book to read (and review).