Thanks to our friends over at Fringe Magazine, who gave us a kind shout yesterday. If you’ve never heard of Fringe, they are an online magazine who publish media off all sorts, with an aim to energize readers and writers to push convention. In their words:

We are about writing that confronts and questions. We want to challenge perceptions, to drive readers to action. Fringe also provides a venue for artists who take their genres into the next paradigm–those who play with form, who work outside the box—those who are on the fringe.

Fringe thinks much like us in terms in terms of reader advocacy, in fact we’ll be doing an interview swap with them in the near future, so stay tuned for that. They also have an eclectic and entertaining blog, which we’ve linked to on the right bar so you can keep abreast of their updates.

So if you haven’t checked Fringe out before, do so. And if your just clicking over from the Fringe post and never been to Chamber Four before, welcome. We’re a new site, and growing quickly. We invite you to dive right in and comment on anything, or if you’re up for it, write us an informal book review about any book at all. We’ll even mail you some totally free stuff for the effort.


ChamberFour Staff