BeBook support might very well be the best in the business.

I recently got a BeBook after my Sony PRS-700 took a powder. After messing with the Mobipocket Reader software for a long, long time, I still couldn’t make the thing read a library book. This terrified me briefly, because I have a severe allergic reaction to paying for books with digital restriction measures, so the ability to borrow and read library books is essential to me.

Eventually, I found this thread on the BeBook support forum. It details the problem (the BeBook has no internal clock, and so the time-stamped DRM on library books thinks they aren’t active), and one user gives a link to a hack that you can load on an SD card that will give the BeBook a clock, or at least the ability to think it has a clock.

Here’s the interesting thing: the poster with the original problem was a bit reluctant to use a third-party hack, and wanted to wait for an official response from BeBook. The official response came, and BeBook support reported that they’d tried the hack out, and it worked, and they gave their (unofficial) OK.

I’ve never heard of anything like this. This kind of response shows a clear priority structure: BeBook’s customers come first. I can’t say the same thing about Amazon or Sony.

[here’s the specific post that contains instructions on how to read library books on BeBook]