Classics does one thing really well and besides that it doesn’t really do anything at all. The menu is great. It looks like a bookshelf you’d see in a bookstore with nice covers drawn for the few (16 currently) included books. You can drag and drop them into any order you please.  It this the physical look of Classics that is done so well: the background has a cream colored paper look, the page flip animations morph the text in a verisimilar way, and when you set the bookmark (yes only one is allowed per book) a nice red ribbon animation happens.


Besides the looks, though, Classics brings nothing to the table, in fact it sleeps through the entire meal. The books are all public domain, but you can’t add or remove titles (though the makers are good at adding a new book for no additional–yeah–fee, every month or so), and this is really a deal breaker. The formatting cannot be modified either, presumably because of the page turning animations, which means the text is permanently just a little too big.


Classics is appealing to the eye; I wish I could say it’s worth your money but it isn’t. It’s too bad the app isn’t free, because the presentation is worth a look-see, and the books included are books everyone should read at some point. It’d be nice to see the excellent bookshelf menu be utilized in a full featured app, in much the same way as (or even as compliment to) Stanza‘s coverflow.