It's supposed to say "Enjoy the revolution in reading"

It’s supposed to say “Enjoy the revolution in reading”

Whenever I discuss ereaders with people who are skeptical about getting one, they always say the same kinds of things. They like books. They think reading a book on a machine would corrupt the experience. And almost always they ask, “What if it broke?”

I generally just tell them that they shouldn’t worry so much. At least, I did, until I opened up my Reader yesterday and the screen was totally fragged, as you can see.

I’ve had this thing for less than a month, I haven’t dropped it or hit it, or left it on any enormous electromagnets, and it even had its cover on when whatever happened to it happened to it. It might have gotten magnetized, but by what? The alarm clock? My iPod? Honestly, I think it just broke.

Then I made the stupid mistake of calling the number on the extended warranty contract I luckily bought (I never get those things), instead of taking it back to the brick and mortar store where I got it.

They had to call me back from a different department, and then, instead of sending me a box to ship in with, they just emailed me instructions to mail it in myself. They generously offered to reimburse me for the cost of shipping if I just mailed them separately all my receipts and invoices. But, of course, if I shipped it wrong, they weren’t liable for any ensuing damage, despite the fact that it was already broken.

I told them I’d just take it in, and there was an odd silence, then the guy tried to talk me out of that. I asked everybody I talked to if this happened a lot, and they didn’t tell me much.

I’m beginning to feel like I accidentally bought a Stupid Piece of Shit (link NSFW).

More pictures of the screen frag after the jump, and more news on how Sony handles it as it happens.

UPDATE: Day 2. And day 3, the underwhelming conclusion.p1030233p1030232